How to grow a money tree

For a long time , Crassula, or the bastard, has been considered a talisman that can attract money and improve its financial situation. Therefore, many tend to grow this beautiful tree. But in order for the money tree to not only be beautiful, but also to fulfill its direct mission of enriching its owners, some almost magic rituals should be observed when planting a Krassula.

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First , it is believed that if you decide to grow a magical money talisman, then the plant must be ... stolen. That is, it is enough to pick a small branch or just a leaf in order to grow your own well-being.

Secondly , in order to preserve the magic powers of the money tree, it is necessary to decorate it with a red thread with coins. According to the teachings of feng shui, it is better to take Chinese coins.

Thirdly , before planting, it is worth putting a coin in the pot.

Fourthly , on the New Year the tree should be especially decorated with coins. Even if it does not bring you wealth in the coming year, it will definitely lift your spirits.

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And now Relax . com . ua offers some tips on how to grow a money tree at home , so that it is healthy and pleases its owners with beauty.

Since the root system of the money tree is located close to the surface, it is not necessary to choose deep pots. Best suited wide shallow pot. Crassula should be transplanted once every two or three years, when the pot is very small, because Crassula does not like unnecessary and frequent intervention.

Crassula is a very unassuming plant , and takes root pretty well and quickly. The most important requirement is a good illumination of the place where the plant is located. But you should avoid direct sunlight. If the leaves of Crassula became too red, or she began to dump them, then there was too much light for the plant, and it was worth a bit to lighten it. In the summer of money tree is best to make a balcony.

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To make the money tree crown beautiful, you need to create it from the very beginning. When four pairs of leaves appear on the handle, the top should be nipped off. If the plant produces two sprouts, you should wait until they grow 10-15 cm, then pinch it again, so that the tree will bush again. Crassula tolerates pruning, so you can easily create any form of tree crown. In addition, the plant should be rotated so that it does not become one-sided or curved.

Crassula, like other succulents, does not like overflow . The roots can quickly rot and then the plant will die. Therefore, watering the plant in the summer is better 2 times a week, and in the winter - 3 times a month. But the best thing is to monitor the state of the plant: before watering, the ground in a pot should dry out well. It is better to defend water for a few days and warm it a little before watering.

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Crassula tolerates heat and feels great even with strong heat, but in winter Krassula is best kept in a cool place where the temperature should not exceed 15 degrees. This will allow the money tree to rest and prepare for the spring.

To make the tree beautiful and attractive, leaves should be wiped every day or at least every other day from dust, which not only spoils the appearance of the tree, but also prevents crassule from breathing.

Like other plants, the money tree should be fed in the period from April to September once a month. You can take as a universal fertilizer, and special for succulents.

Author: Irina Shevchenko


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