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Global positioning system uses which channelization techniques mcq

Published: 02.07.2022

global positioning system uses which channelization techniques mcqGlobal Positioning Systems (GPS) are geographical location systems using satellites, whi provide very accurate records of the location of both material installations and all kinds of moving vehicles. These systems generate position information in three dimensions (latitude, longitude and altitude), global positioning system uses which channelization techniques mcq. The first positioning system was aced in 1978, whi started the satellite navigation revolution. Originally, these systems were developed for military purposes by the US Department of Defense, under the administration of the Air Force; however, as of 1983, limited use of GPS teniques in civil apications was authorized. GPS teniques offer great potential to develop a wide variety of functions in positioning, surveying and transportation; in the latter, they have made possible a remarkable advance in navigation teniques. Some apications of GPS systems in transport are described below.

The Texas Department of State Highways and Public Transportation undertook some resear to test the use of GPS in various highway infrastructure projects. These studies revealed that satellite survey tenology has the potential to improve, among other things, land survey operations with sufficient accuracy to support mapping engineering requirements; additionally, the results of these first studies confirmed that the use of GPS teniques can reduce personnel requirements compared to conventional teniques, su as topography projects, in whi the reduction is at least 6 times, since that if about 18 peoe are required for the demarcation of land in a region, including engineers, surveyors, state officials, etc., the system only requires the participation of 3 to 4 qualified peoe.

Another exame of GPS apication was recorded by the Miigan Department of Transportation, adopting it to establish a highway reference system in a high-resolution cartographic database, the purpose of whi is to describe the road network with error levels. negligible and support the development of other activities, su as the location of bridges, rivers and the location of all kinds of public works.

Within the field of aeronautics, intensive programs have recently been initiated for the use of GPS in various areas of civil aviation. The main objective of these programs is to improve the aircraft route monitoring and tracking system and obtain greater knowledge of aircraft flight conditions; Likewise, with the use of GPS teniques, it is intended to establish a criterion for the integration and harmonization of national air traffic systems.

Currently, GPS is considered a highly valuable tool for determining the position of objects, due to the levels of accuracy they offer (error levels of only 1 to 2 parts per million have been estimated in some cases) and the versatility of its apications, whi include the positioning of production atforms, acement of pipelines, mapping and many others.

The exames cited reveal that GPS is a reliable location, communication and tracking tool that has reaed an acceptable level of maturity in certain areas of transportation. An additional attribute is its proven capacity to process large amounts of information, thanks to its tenology that incorporates high-speed data handling and transmission. It is expected that from 1993 and in a period of 10 to 15 years, military restrictions on the use of these teniques will be minimal or will disappear cometely.

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