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What are the concepts of production in operations management

Published: 02.07.2022

what are the concepts of production in operations management

Production process: what it consists of and how it is developed

How to develop and optimizing a production process is a job that the vast majority of companies must surely face at least once throughout their business journey. But in order to develop it effectively, you must first be very clear about what it is and what it consists of, what are the concepts of production in operations management.

What are the production processes?

A production process is the set of activities aimed at transforming resources or production factors into goods and/or services. Information and tenology, whi interact with peoe, are involved in this process. Its ultimate goal is demand satisfaction.

In other words, a production process is a system of actions that are related to ea other and whose objective is none other than to transform elements, systems or processes. To do this, some input factors are needed that, throughout the process, will come out with increased value thanks to the transformation.

The most usual and common production input factors in all companies are work, resources and capital that apied to manufacturing could be summarized in a combination of effort, raw material and infrastructure.

What is the production process?

To know what a production process is, it is necessary to attend to its stages. Ea one of them intervenes decisively in aieving the final objective, whi is none other than the transformation of products and/or services so that they can aieve customer satisfaction, covering the needs that are extracted from their demand through a product or service.

One could speak of the existence of three phases in every production process:

1. Collection/analytical stage: This first stage of production, raw materials are gathered to be used in manufacturing. The main objective of a company during this phase of the production process is to obtain as mu raw material as possible at the lowest cost. In this calculation, transport and warehouse costs must also be considered. It is at this stage that the raw materials are broken down into smaller parts. In addition, in this first phase, the manager or the production manager will indicate the production objective that must be aieved, something that must be taken into account when collecting the raw material, as well as all the material that is will need to perform the correct production.

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