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Global positioning system uses which channelization techniques

Published: 02.07.2022

global positioning system uses which channelization techniques

10 steps to create effective communication strategies

The communication strategies can be online, su as blogs or social networks, or offline, that is, through traditional tools, as well as the networking. However, in turn, depending on the needs that the organization wants to cover with them, communication strategies can be classified into several types, global positioning system uses which channelization techniques.

Laun Strategies

Laun strategies are those actions that are carried out to give the first impression of a brand, product or service. A great exame is the laun of the video game FIFA 18, whi came out on the sale in 2017, where a brand activation was carried out so that the participants could live the video game experience, through tournaments and with the opportunity to try FIFA for the first time together with some prominent influencers and gamers in that sector.

Visibility strategies

The brand visibility is as important as the trust or positioning of a company. Some brands, su as LEGO, have imemented this type of strategy to increase their visibility around Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Specifically, LEGO launed the campaign “ Bu ild de Change ” ,whi had by objective that the little builders tackle and solve environmental problems through LEGO bricks.

Trust Strategies

The trust strategy consists of ensuring that the target audience has a good perception of the brand and, from the first moment, generates a connection and sympathy for the company. The truth is that the organizations that use this type of strategy do so because their image has been damaged in some way.

Without a doubt, it is an essential strategy, especially for sales, since, according to the study Future Focus 2019: Seeking trust, from iProspect company, brand trust is the key factor for business growth.

Positioning strategies

Who wouldn't want their brand to be perceived by others as it is? The positioning is one of the aspirations of any company and Ape is a successful exame.

This company has taken care of its image and has used the right message in ea of its campaigns, something that has made consumers understand its aracteristics and values , that is, simicity, innovation and quality. Consequently, its consumers are loyal and defend this brand for the type of lifestyle it brings them.

Expansion strategies

By expansion we mean those companies that increase their line of business , su as Zara, the Spanish clothing and footwear brand. In this case, the company has opened its own ecommerce in countries su as Australia, Canada or China, where it will later open physical stores to strengthen its international presence. With this, Zara already has a presence in 86 countries today.

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