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Where are the female gametes produced in nonvascular plants answers

Published: 02.07.2022

where are the female gametes produced in nonvascular plants answers

What is ant reproduction?

The ant reproduction is an important process, since it allows the perpetuation of the species. If you are wondering what ant reproduction is, in this post we are going to exain what it consists of.

In addition, given the importance of this process in nature, we also guide you about the specialized training you have available, on vegetable reproduction, so you can expand your knowledge, where are the female gametes produced in nonvascular plants answers.com.


Definition of ant reproduction

Within the field of botany, ant reproduction is understood as the set of meanisms by whi ants can multiy.

Types of Plant Reproduction

In the process of ant reproduction there are two types of vegetative reproduction: sexual reproduction and asexual reproduction.

The reproductive cycle of ants takes ace, in most cases, through sexual reproduction. Ea ant that follows this process blooms and gives seeds, once it is pollinated by different types of insects.

After germinating, the pollen gives rise to a new flower, whi in turn gives rise to a seed. To do this, the pollen that comes from a flower with a male gamete must be deposited in another flower with a female gamete.

There are two types of sexual reproduction in ants: by autogamy and by allogamy. Both allow the ant fertilization process to take ace in the organism of ea species.

Plant Cell Reproduction

In the case of asexual reproduction in ants, the simest cellular organisms reproduce through a process called cleavageor fission.

This process consists of the fragmentation of a stem cell into two or more cells, so that it loses its initial identity.

Asexual reproduction in ants is also known as vegetative reproduction.

Exame of Vegetative Reproduction

Vegetative Reproduction in Bulbs

Bulbs are produced by monocot ants. In these, its structure is modified for storage and ayback.

Ea bulb is mostly made up of bulb scales, whi make up the continuous, encircling bases of ant leaves.

The bulbose ants can reproduce in various ways, su as multiication by seed, opping the rhizome, or separating the bulbs, among other possibilities.

Aregonium and Antheridium

In fungi, algae and bryophytes su as mosses, the aregonium is the multicellular female reproductive organ. This is also found in vascular ants su as clubmosses and ferns, as well as in seeds.

The antheridia, meanwhile, are the structures that give rise to male sexual gametes, present in embryophytic ants.

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