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How is dc created in an ac generator or transformer-type welding machine

Опубликовано: 17.06.2022

how is dc created in an ac generator or transformer-type welding machineWelding maines that use coated electrodes can be AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current) or have both current outputs.

AC welding maines

Specifically speaking we refer to welding maines to burn electrodes that only have AC current output (alternating current), how is dc created in an ac generator or transformer-type welding machine.

The welding quality of this type of maine is not optimal, not because of the operator, but because of the current output.

This type of welding maine with only AC (alternating current) output, as its name indicates, makes the current alternate over time. It is not a constant current, and therefore the delivery of heat varies over time.

What does this mean when talking about welding? In that the welding will not be even. Welding points can be done well, but not long cords.

These would be asymmetrical, since the current varies from positive to negative and this is perceived in welding, in the electric arc.

When this happens, not having a welding arc or a constant heat delivery, makes the operator work harder so that the welding is well done.

To solve this, it is best to have equipment that is both AC and DC (direct current), since the latter, being a constant current, provides a fixed power that allows for homogeneous cords.

DC welding maines

AC maines are widely used by those who work with welding because they are the eapest on the market. But they are not necessarily the maines with the highest performance and best results when it comes to working.

Although the price difference is not mu, for a better equipment that has a DC output, an additional investment is needed.

Among the benefits obtained by working with a DC welding maine,apart from the stability of the welding,is that you can make long seams,homogeneous,reducing or eliminating the ances of welding defects.

There is greater control of the heat generated on the piece, whi can even be regulated, due to the greater control of the current, since it is direct.

Another benefit of DC welding maines is that you can adapt a welding process known as TIG or Argon process, or even other processes that might not be possible on AC welding maines.

Furthermore, the recommendation is not to use AC welding maines but only DC, su as inverter maines, whi are widely used today for work comfort they offer, the possibility of working at heights and the stability in the current.

This is why inverter maines do not use AC output,but that output can be seen in older model welding maines, su as those from the 1970s, where there were no tenologies yet that could make the current more stable.

In summary

For all these reasons, the use of AC welding maines is not recommended, as they are obsolete in terms of use, quality and stability that the arc could present.

On the contrary, DC welding maines result in better quality work and with greater versatility of use.


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