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How to make welding transformer at home

Published: 17.06.2022

how to make welding transformer at home


The welding transformer has been widely used in recent years, but digital tenology has also reaed welding maines. Therefore, when buying a welding maine with electrodes, what is the difference between the inverter and the transformer?


Transformers are essentially composed of a copper coil covering the core of the winding, how to make welding transformer at home. They deliver alternating current (AC) and the current and voltage values ​​are anged by the position of the core. It has some limitations depending on the type of electrode due to the physical construction of the equipment and because they deliver alternating current (AC)

Inverters are made up of electronic circuits, guaranteeing efficiency and comfort in anging current and voltage. The maines are compact, powerful and can work with a wide range of electrodes. Inverters deliver direct current like a rectifier.


Due to the difference in tenology, inverters are more efficient and consume less energy than transformers.


Whether for welding or spot welding, when it comes to the work cycle (period in whi the maine is welding), inverters are more efficient, managing to maintain a certain amount of current for a longer time.

Exame: in a period of 10 minutes: Maine 100 A @ 60% = welding 6min (100A) and 4 minutes at rest.


The inverter welding maine is approximately 3 times lighter and more compact than the welding transformer, whi allows its use in aces of difficult access. Transport is made even easier by the use of the shoulder strap, available on all ESAB portable units.


The selection of parameters of the electrode welding maine is generally sime, selecting only the welding current through a handle or a button.

The inverters have an extremely sime panel and in some cases they have indicators on the panels, facilitating adjustment and precision parameters. The transformers have an easy adjustment with cranks, whi in relation to the inverters do not have the same precision and comfort.

ESAB portable welding inverters have the longest warranty on the market: 2 years.

Like all ESAB products, both have Post-Sale Tenical Assistance present throughout the country through its Network of Authorized Service Workshops. For your next stick welding maine, whether it is a transformer or a portable inverter, ESAB shows the advantages and differences of ea model so that you can be sure that the osen option is the one that suits your needs.


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