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The specific process in which female gametes are produced is called

Published: 16.06.2022

the specific process in which female gametes are produced is called

The gametos (from the Greek γαμετή gametḗ 'wife' or γαμέτης gamétēs 'husband' [ 1] ) are the cells sexual haoids of organisms multicellular originated by meiosis from the germ cells (or meiocytes in the case of dioid cells ), the specific process in which female gametes are produced is called.

Human beings reproduce sexually, this means that it takes two sex cells to join to form the new individual. Those sex cells are called gametes and there are two classes: the male or sperm and the female or egg.


The gametes receive different names according to the sex of the carrier and the kingdom (animal, ant) to whi they belong. In animals,gametes proceed from a specific cell strain called germ line,differentiated in early stages of development, and are called egg the female and sperm the male; and once fused produce a cell called zygote or called fertilized egg whi contains two sets of romosomes, so it is dioid. [ 2] In the ants,the female gamete is called oosphere a> ,and the pollen is the male gametophyte, within whi the male gametes that fertilize the oosphere are formed.

Gametes are cells composed of a single set of romosomes (they have a unique version of the genetic information that will determine the physical aracteristics of the individual) that during the fertilization will fuse with another gamete of the opposite sex to form the zygote. The formation of gametes is called gametogenesis. The organs that produce gametes are called gonades in the animals,and gametangio in organisms vegetables.

The cell resulting from the fusion of the gametes combines the romosomes of both, so the gametes are usually haoid cells In dioid organisms, su as animals, the formation of gametes involves a process of meiosis,with its corresponding romosome reduction. In organisms, su as ants, gametes are produced by the haoid phase (gametophyte), while it is the dioid phase (sporophyte), produced precisely from fertilization, that produces spores by meiosis.


One of the most novel lines of resear is the formation of artificial gametes in laboratories. This advance could certainly suppose a before and an after in assisted reproduction teniques.
Different resear groups have so far developed artificial gametes in animal models from somatic cells, but it is a still developing field in humans due to various reasons (ethical, scientific, reliability…) The biggest problem so far is that they have not been able to create gametes identical to the somatic cell, only similar.

In some organisms protists and in fungi gametes are morphologically and physiologically identical, although there may be a definite genetic difference. In evolution, however, a very clear tendency is appreciated that a female gamete, generally large and immobile, and a male gamete, small and mobile, are increasingly distinguished.

In ants and algae three cases are distinguished whi correspond to other as many degrees of manifestation of the tendency indicated:


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