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What size generator to run arc welder

Published: 17.06.2022

what size generator to run arc welder

Soldering equipment for beginners. How to oose it? | Solyman

Choosing beginner welding equipment can be difficult if you are a person with little experience in this activity. There are many types of devices, whi can be sime to operate, robust and at the same time comfortable and adapted to individual needs, what size generator to run arc welder.

How to find the right equipment for you, who are just starting out in this welding trade? In the following Solyman post, company that sells welding maines and welding accessories, we will exain how to oose a welding equipment for beginners.

What does a good beginner welding kit look like?

A good beginner welder should be lightweight and compact in size, meaning it can be easily moved from one location to another. If you are a beginner you do not need to invest in expensive and professional equipment, but it is worth finding a model that works reliably.

Another obvious issue is that the welding device is easy to use. You should pay attention to things like whether the control panel is legible enough or think about what the welder is designed for. Regardless of the welding method you oose, you have to find the right model for you, whi will allow you to set the parameters quickly. There's nothing more frustrating than a computer that you have to spend a lot of time getting set up with.

The following is a recommended beginner's welding kit based on the type of welding you'll be using

MMA welding maines

MMA is equivalent to manual metal arc welding. With these maines you can do any job and in any welding situation.

Amateurs anning to buy a device adapted for MMA welding can use this equipment not only at home, but also in a small workshop. They are mains powered, and can also be connected to a generator and power supy.

In MMA welding, an electric arc jumps between the piece to be welded, connected to one of the power source poles, and the electrode, connected to the other pole.

At Solyman we have Lincoln Electric maines, one of the manufacturers industry leaders. They are aracterized by being light and comfortable welding equipment.

TIG welding equipment

In TIG welding, a permanent tungsten electrode is used, and highly resistant beads are aieved, less prone to corrosion. It is especially suitable for stainless steels.

Our maines have meanisms su as advanced control, digital meter and excellent tor control, among other features.

MIG welding equipment

They are equipment for welding processes by arc under a protective gas with a consumable electrode, a process that allows the metal to be deposited at high speed and in all positions.

These maines are used in medium and small thicknesses for steel and aluminum, especially in jobs that require a high manual component.

Very opportune equipments are those of the Powertec and Speedtec range.

In addition, there are other submerged arc welding equipment, in whi the arc and the molten pool are covered, or submerged, by a granular powder. This is more of a high-throughput process.

Likewise, PLASMA maines or equipment would not be the most suitable for a beginner either, since they are prepared to work in extreme industrial conditions using Lincoln tunnel tenology.

If you need more individualized information about welding equipment for beginners, do not hesitate to contact us< /a> . We will be happy to advise you on your beginnings in welding.


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