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What advertising techniques does coca cola use

Published: 17.06.2022

what advertising techniques does coca cola use

Coca-Cola Zero and its ‘drinkable’ commercials

The Coca-Cola Zero brand took a step forward with the laun of its “drinkable” advertising in the United States. A campaign, carried out in partnership with the apication Shazam,with whi users can literally have a drink with the advertising spots, what advertising techniques does coca cola use. At Lafayette Digitex we tell you how this new marketing initiative works.

Perhaps you are one of the 100 thousand users who use the Shazam apication monthly to identify songs that you like when listening to them. For this reason, the two brands and the agency Ogilvy and Mather decided to team up to create these innovative ads. Both are mainly aimed at the so-called 'millennials' or generation Y. Who, according to statistics, have not tried Coca-Cola Zero, but if they did, 50% of them would become regular consumers of the drink

Key aspects of Coca-Cola Zero

Basically, with the ads, peoe can identify, through Shazam, the sound produced by a Coca-Cola Zero falling into a glass with ice. On cell phone screens you can see the image of the glass and when it appears full. There, users can go to an establishment and get a brand drink for free. In this way, Coca-Cola Zero, whi usually promotes the flavor of the soda, now wants to promote its sound. Undoubtedly a refreshing and very original strategy. In the following video you can see the promo.

«We have done extensive consumer resear and the results have shown us that the peoe who try Coca-Cola Zero, the majority of them, become loyal customers,» said Racquel Mason, VP of Coca-Cola. Cola and Coca-Cola Zero for the North American office. "A lot of our previous ads were great, but they weren't focused on the 'try' product message.".

In the United States

Sporting events are crowded and for that reason Coca-Cola decided to laun the campaign during the men's NCAA college basketball final.

During that weekend, he launed the strategy with the slogan « You Don't Know Zero 'Til You've Tried It » (You don't know Zero until you've tried). After this, the campaign was extended to other sporting events su as soccer and broadcast on television through ABC and NBC, as well as online.

For Adam Tucker, president of Ogilvy & Mather in New York, television advertising is no longer enough. “The most effective ideas are those that are developed through various annels, allowing peoe to have time to experience the brand.” For him, having carried out a campaign like this It is mu more effective than a conventional rational and emotional campaign. «An idea worked with experience, digital, social, public relations and conventional annels, creates an intimate environment to aieve an experience on a larger scale«.

Without a doubt…

Ads like this aieve a ange in consumer behavior in a fun way. We hope you liked this story, we invite you to read more publications around the world of marketing and advertising on our blog, as well as learn more about our portfolio of services at Lafayette Digitex.


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