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Where can i get my rim welded near me

Published: 17.06.2022

where can i get my rim welded near me


With the aluminum wheel repair service we return the wheels to their original condition. Alloy tires are an element that apart from fulfilling a visual function, are crucial in terms of vehicle safety, so it is essential to have the tires in perfect condition, where can i get my rim welded near me.

Why do the tires bend?

The tires of the vehicles can be damaged by suffering an accident or the impact of a pothole due to the poor condition of the roadway. This causes the rim to lose its original geometric shapes, deforming and producing irregularities when turning; therefore it becomes necessary to repair the bent rim.

Tires with low profile tires are more prone to suffer deformations; for the tire barely absorbs the impact and it is the tire itself that receives it.

When is it necessary to repair a bent or oval tire?

When tires are oval, bent or deformed they usually vibrate or vibrate and make driving uncomfortable due to them vibrating.

If you experience vibrations or tremors when circulating with the vehicle or abnormal wear of the tires or suspension system it is likely that one of your tires may be damaged. It is important to solve the problem as soon as possible, as circulating with the tires in poor condition can cause more serious breakdowns in the vehicle.

Why and where to repair tires?

The price of repairing a bent tire is usually mu lower than its selling price, so repair becomes the best option when we have a bent tire.

Where can I repair a tire ? At Rectillanta we are experts in tire repair in Spain, we specialize in straightening tires with any kind of bump, deformation or loss of centering. Our strong point is the professionalism of our tenicians whi coued with the method emoyed for the repair guarantees us a precise, safe and quality repair.

We are pioneers in pressure straightening,without roughing material to the tire to not weaken it ; it is a slightly more laborious and entertaining process but this way we guarantee that the resistance of the tire, once repaired, is the same as it was before the repair. It is important to stress that through this method we can repair the tire as often as necessary.

When straightening the tire, we do not remove material by turning it, as this causes there to be areas of the tire with less material than others. Most of the time when material is removed in the lathe, the tires remain very weak in the lathe area; this causes them to deform again very easily. This tenique is quite usual among tire repairers and widely used in Portugal; the repair is mu faster but in a high percentage of cases, the tires sent for repair to Portugal, remain irreversibly weakened.

It is important to get proper advice and have the tires repaired at a specialist center that cares about offering safe and quality repairs. A poor repair can end up in a tire that puts vehicle safety at risk.

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Whi tire can or cannot be repaired?

Over 95% of knock-on aluminum rims can be repaired safely and with total warranty.

In our straightening centers it is ecked that once repaired the tire remains within the parameters of axial, radial and concentricity flapping required of an original tire, otherwise or do not exceed our quality controls are reported to the customer to not continue with the tire repair.

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