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Which type of transformer used in arc welding machine

Published: 17.06.2022

which type of transformer used in arc welding machineA transformer is a device that transfers electrical energy from one circuit to another, usually with a ange in voltage. They are essentially made up of two coils of insulated wire. In most transformer equipment, the wires are wrapped around an iron-containing structure, called the core, which type of transformer used in arc welding machine. One coil, called the primary, is connected to the alternating current source whi produces a anging magnetic field around the coil. Successively, the magnetic variation field produces an alternating current in the other coil. This coil, called the secondary, is connected to a separate electrical circuit. Then, with the use of a transformer, the maine converts the moderate current and voltage from the mains (normally 120 or 240 V), into a low voltage, high current supy.

They are relatively eap equipment, but with the inconvenience of their high weight and size; furthermore, it is not always possible to use any type of electrode; they present difficulty in establishing and maintaining the arc (the electrode sticks to the metal to be welded); and will show irregular network load, as well as susceptibility to voltage variations. To avoid some of these disadvantages, rectifier maines have emerged in recent decades, made up of a transformer that reduces the voltage of the network and, thanks to a block of diodes, it is possible to convert the alternating current of the network into direct current.

The inverter welding maine

The function of an inverter is to ange the direct current input voltage to a symmetrical alternating current output voltage, with the magnitude and frequency desired by the user. A sime inverter consists of an oscillator that controls a transistor, whi is used to interrupt the incoming current and generate a rectangular wave. This rectangular wave feeds a transformer that smooths its shape, making it look a bit more like a sine wave, and producing the necessary output voltage.

Operation of the inverter unit

First, the utility power supy is rectified and filtered, converting the power from AC to DC. The inverter's power swit then converts the filtered DC current back to an AC voltage, only now at a frequency of around 30Khz. To aieve this, instead of using a transformer-rectifier, the conversion is carried out by means of an electronic card. Next, a modest and small transformer converts the high-frequency alternating voltage to that required for welding. This fully controlled system is precise and offers energy savings of up to 40% compared to traditional welding maines. The system also offers input voltage compensation and multi-process welding capabilities.

It is true that all welding maines require a transformer to convert the input current to a suitable welding current intensity; although, with an inverter welder, this can be done more efficiently, at higher frequencies; As a result, the inverter is able to use a mu smaller transformer, aieving a substantial reduction in size and weight.

Energy consumption also decreases as the more efficient transformer loses less energy to heat, having a great effect in reducing environmental pollution. In inverter tenology, there are welders from the most basic to very advanced equipment, this distinction depends on the electronic control circuit they use.

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Which type of transformer used in arc welding
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