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Wim hof breathing technique how often

Published: 17.06.2022

wim hof breathing technique how often

The Wim Hof ​​method will ange your life and make you a great athlete

And well, because in reality he shows himself to be a very modest and sime man under his slogan “If I am capable of doing it, anyone can learn it”, you should know that now his tenique< /strong> He shares it through his atform and it is open to the general public: from the most mortal human beings and even great athletes and figures of stardom, wim hof breathing technique how often. This is called the “Wim Hof ​​Method” and we will exain what it consists of.

Basically Wim Hof states that he does not do anything supernatural and instead, most human beings like you and me, have lost our internal power over time. What does he mean by this? We have lost the ability to adapt and live in our own natural environment, all this because now the rhythm of life and civilization requires us to wear clothes, live in adapted houses where temperatures are now artificially controlled and in this way we have lost our own ability to stimulate our body and exoit all our potential, thus atrophying our survival meanisms and the most basic functions.


Whi refers to a practice of visualizing the Third Eye in order to induce a state of comete relaxation.


Whi goes from ice baths at home or after training to long walks in the snow. The rationale: that exposure to cold builds more brown adipose tissue and therefore decreases body fat, also inflammation and this in turn improves your immune system, balances your hormones, improves the quality of your sleep and the production of endorphins, whi are the substances that are released in your brain and make you feel happier.


You will learn different hyperventilation teniques followed by periods of retention with whi you will most likely feel more energized, you will decrease your levels of stress and you will get sick less, since your immune response against pathogenic microorganisms will be improved.

One of the pillars to aieve all this will be your commitment to the process, that is, the desire and determination that you propose to be able to aieve ea of the steps. So if you want to put yourself to the test, you can go directly to the Wim Hof ​​Method website where you can read and find out more about it.

Now, although it is a method that can help you in the treatment of some ailment, remember that it is not curative. If you suffer from any disease, it is important to consult your doctor because remember that this method includes inducing a voluntary and conscious apnea through the different breathing exercises and this can be risky and even counterproductive for some diseases. Now that if you're healthy, we don't see any objection to not doing it, so go for it.


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