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Why is technique important in creating piece of artwork

Опубликовано: 17.06.2022

why is technique important in creating piece of artwork

Artistic appreciation and its elements

Artistic appreciation is the process of critical analysis of a work of art, where the critical function is a specialized interpretation, so that the viewer who contemates a work of art has tools that allow a better understanding of the language and content of the artist's work, why is technique important in creating piece of artwork.

In artistic appreciation, both the artistic work and the spectators are immersed in a culture that conditions the modes of expression and appreciation of the arts, in sear of valuations, significant experiences and meanings.

The main purpose of artistic appreciation is to understand art as an inherent activity in the development of all human society in culture, whi allows recognizing the creation, production, preservation and dissemination of works of art or objects aesthetic.

Elements of art appreciation:

A work of art is a form of expression structured from certain princies that order its signs in time and space (form) and created with communicative and/or expressive intention using your personal tou (tenique); where the viewer will attribute a theme and content expressed with originality and imagination (substance).


In artistic expression, substance is the theme that the artist tries to communicate; those aspects of daily life that he wishes to express; as well as his ideas, emotions and moods that he wants to share with his audience.

It is the originality, sincerity and imaginative quality that gives an artistic value to the substance.


It is the type of artistic expression that the artist uses to convey the substance, whether in a painting, poem, dance, ay, or any type of artistic expression.

It is important to note that although ea expression of art creates certain rules, formulas, guidelines, conventions or semes, these should not limit the art.


This last element is nothing more than the adjustment or combination between substance and form; it is the personal method of ea artist, her own style. The tenique is what manages to distinguish the work of one artist from another, manifesting the essence of ea one.

At Capital del Arte we know that the ultimate purpose of all art is to convey the ideas or emotions of the artist,provide an experience of artistic appreciation, for whi it is required to analyse,interpret,and assess.

Analyze : interact with the work by observing or listening as the case may be, whi will allow us to make a description of the constituent elements of the work, from the simest to the most comex: sounds, colors, shapes, scenes, etc.

Interpret: consider the expressive aracteristics of the elements that make up an artistic work based on the theme and its contents.

Assess : once the previous steps have been carried out, you will be able to make a judgment, ace within a genealogy, a historical period, a trend, its genre and style.

Interpret: consider the expressive aracteristics of the elements that make up an artistic work based on the theme and its contents.


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